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Where every day is a new day "First Program"

During this stage where a child's ability to absorb information is at its highest, the extent to which intensive comprehensive learning takes place will markedly affect the path of growth to follow.
Based on such thinking, this full-day (five-day-a-week) program was established for three-to-five-years old. Classes are held based on the original curriculum that was formulated through joint research with the Dalton School in New York.
Along with fostering well-rounded sensitivity and creativity, the program helps gradually instill children with the cooperativeness necessary to functioning in society, as well as independence and responsibility.

First Program  | Tokyo School

Program Features

Small classes facilitate concentrated learning.

An ideal learning environment is provided: two teachers per roughly twenty students. The establishment of an environment in which close attention is paid to each child enables their doubts and questions to be handled thoroughly.

Classes taught by teachers with specialties deepen understanding.

All specialty subjects, including gymnastics, music, art, science, computers, and English, are taught by teachers who specialize in these fields. Receiving instruction from teachers with specialized knowledge and skills expands the areas which children become interested in and can excel in.

The comprehensive curriculum is based on Dalton's educational philosophy.

The curriculum has been established based on Dalton's style of education, which respects each student's individuality and freedom. Rather then cramming knowledge into students in a one-sided process, classes are taught to enable students to discover, think about and resolve things for themselves.

Well-equipped environments make classes more effective.

To absolutely maximize the effectiveness of classes, special classrooms are provided that are suited to the relevant subject, be it gymnastics, music, art, or computers. As a result, students' concentration on classes and their desire to learn is enhanced.

Program Features

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