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Establishing the Foundations for Growth "Play Group 1 year old"

In their small bodies, children have a wealth of unlimited potential concealed.
To allow each child's individuality and abilities to flower, Play Group provides safe and pleasant environments for children to play in.
Having children relate to friends of the same age in appealing environments establishes the foundation for them to learn cooperation and social skills.

Play Group 1 year old | Tokyo School

Program Features

Educational environments allow children to be relaxed while active.

During the initial stage for one-year-olds, mothers also participate in class, furthering the aim of gradual parent-child separation. Warm, reassuring environments are also provided for two-year-olds, who are active without their mothers present. With classes designed to be small and to respect the individuality of each child, basic social skills are learned.

Direction is given in tune with each child's growth.

Children are not forced along, made to do things faster or hurried to the next stage. Instead, they are fully introduced to activities that are appropriate for their current interests and growth process. When the foundation for growth is soundly established, the next step becomes clear.

Classes respond to children's intellectual curiosity.

Activities are instituted flexibly, in response to children's intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness, which develop as a sense of self becomes established, heightening the desire to understand the “what” and “why” of things. Children's concepts and ideas are valued, nurturing their creativity.

A wealth of educational materials with which to play.

An abundance of play equipment and handmade educational materials are available that meet children's developmental stages and varied interests. Systems are also adopted that enable children to play independently.

Program Features

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