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Where elementary school students encounter discovery and wonder"After School Elementary"

When children make discoveries or challenge new thoughts, they encounter the joy of learning. They develop a resilience that enables them to open up the future.
After School Shougakusei for elementary school students features an original curriculum that centers on experiments and other experiences and dialogues with teachers. Children discover rules and principles for themselves, acquiring working knowledge. Guidance emphasizes the resolution process over results, fostering in children the attitude of working on difficult problems with persistence.

After School | Tokyo School

Program Features

Original education methods are based on the Dalton Plan.

ducational methods developed originally, based on the teaching methods that the Dalton Plan utilizes, are implemented. In particular, the Assignment, with which students decide for themselves the themes they will learn about, and the non-grade system, by which children can study, irrespective of the pre-determined curriculum for each grade, enable children to proceed to advanced stages at their own pace. Systematically yet naturally, children develop the ability to think.

Children enjoy developing the ability to express themselves.

In their own words, children express their thoughts on a single theme to each other, sharing new knowledge. With the teachers being good advisors, they inspire the children to be motivated and guide them to increase their ability to express themselves.

Discovery-based learning fosters the ability to think.

Importance is placed on the discovery-based learning that children have themselves conceived of through experiments and firsthand experience. Although this involves much more time and effort than simply “teaching” them, the answers they find themselves turn straight into solid working knowledge for them.

The educational environment heightens each child's intellectual curiosity.

Limiting classes to four to eight students each makes it possible to provide highly specific guidance. Moreover, to stimulate intellectual curiosity, an abundance of original teaching materials developed in cooperation with the Dalton School in New York is provided.

Program Features

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