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Yoji programthat children genuinely look forward to An After School "After School Yoji"

Children may participate once or twice a week and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of each class: the 3-years old satisfying their growing curiosity and interests; the 4-years old expanding their range of activities; and the oldest 5-years old deepening their interests, establishing a foundation for learning. Children become engrossed in the topics and educational materials selected by teachers who are highly knowledgeable of the development stages of childhood, a time of tremendous growth.
Through various experiences, placing emphasis on process, not results, while respecting each child's individuality and interests, children master approaches to learning and the ability to think for themselves.

After School Yoji | Tokyo School

Program Features

So that individuality can be valued, classes have been designedto have few students.

Children learn in small groups, with four to ten students in a class. Environments are set up to easily handle children's questions and doubts, while valuing the interests and concerns of each. This allows knowledge and understanding to deepen.

The classroom system fosters all-aroundabilities, without strain.

Once or twice a week, two to three hours are dedicated to develop children's thinking power and creativity, without putting strain on children. By learning together with those who share the same interests, children can experience for themselves the pleasure of learning and the joy of creating.

The curriculum is comprehensive,based on Dalton's educational philosophy.

The curriculum has been established based on Dalton's style of education, respecting every person's individuality and freedom. Classes are structured so that rather than having knowledge crammed in through a one-sided process, children discover, think and resolve problems for themselves.

The rich variety of educational materials heightens the desire to learn.

The provision of a wealth of educational materials geared to children's ages and interests increases intellectual curiosity, leading children to have greater academic experiences.

Program Features

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