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VISION The true business of the school is not to chain the pupil to preconceived ideas, but to set him free to discover his own ideas and to help bring his powers upon the problem of learning.

First Established in theUS – the Leading Country in Education

First Established in the US –
the Leading Country in Education

Around 100 years ago, US educator Helen Parkhurst created a new teaching method that had as its starting point the individual’s interests. With the cooperation of Maria Montessori, she began instituting this form of education experimentally in a single classroom. First called the Laboratory Plan, it was later adopted by a high school in Dalton, Massachusetts and became widely known as the Dalton Laboratory Plan.In 1919, Ms. Parkhurst opened the Dalton School in New York to implement the Dalton Plan on a full-scale basis. The Dalton School, which has a history of over 100 years to the present, is known throughout the US as a distinguished private school that provides unified education from kindergarten through high school.

iscovering what one is good at:	Where self-actualization and success in society begin.

Discovering what one is good at:
Where self-actualization and success in society begin.

Under the Dalton Plan, education involves programs that are formed to meet the interests, abilities and needs of every student. A major feature of the Plan is that it brings out individual abilities to the maximum. The educational environments provided enable children to identify the things they enjoy and the areas in which they excel, allowing them to expand in kind. This is achieved by facilitating various experiences for them in scholastic areas, such as mathematics, science, history, languages, and computers, as well as in music, fine arts, and physical education. This approach enables Dalton School graduates to go on to top schools. Not only do they aim to become doctors, lawyers, or specialists in research, development and marketing, but many are also active in fields of all kinds, including art, music and sports.

The Dalton Philosophy lives on:Japan's Dalton Schools

The Dalton Philosophy lives on:
Japan's Dalton Schools

In 1976, Kawaijuku Educational Institution in Japan, which had been among the first to incorporate ability development for children at their institution, collaborated with the Dalton School in New York to open Dalton Schools in Tokyo and Nagoya. Original education was formulated that was suited to Japan’s culture and customs, while implementing the educational philosophy of the Dalton Plan.When the schools opened, Marion B. Plexico, former principal of the Dalton School in New York and supporter of Japan’s Dalton School development, was welcomed as principal (and later as supervisor). A diversified Dalton Plan was adopted in terms of programs, educational materials and technology, and the schools in New York, Tokyo and Nagoya formed deep partnerships that included teacher exchange programs.

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