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Application for 2024

Eligible Age First to Sixth Grade,Elementary School
Time of Enrollment At any time of the school year
Subject Lab・Mathematics・Science・Writing・ Social Studies・Computers・Assignment (Only for 5th grade and 6th grade)
Option Subjects:
Advance Japanese Language・Math (3rd grade)
Study hall (4th grade)
Course Requirements At least three subjects must be chosen from among the six of Lab, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Social Studies and Computers
Other Subject In addition to the subjects mentioned above,
those who wish may also take "Saturday Program."
Class Size 4-6 children
Lesson Times Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri

Notes: Please choose from the above mentioned times
Class Hours Lab is 65 minutes including House-time(Weekdays);
other lessons are 50 minutes long.
Term Term One: Early April to mid-July
Term Two: Early September to mid-December
Term Three: Early January to mid-March
(No classes on public holidays)

Application flow

  1. Confirm Application Guidelines

  2. Apply for Interview (Enrollment Screening)

    • Request for an interview at school reception
    • Make an appointment by contacting us using the Form below
  3. Interview Procedures

    Interview fee:8000yen

  4. Enrollment Procedures

  5. At any time of the school year

* Please inquire about tuition payment procedures, etc. at the school reception or by contacting us using the Form below.

  • Request/Inquiry Form

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