Play Group 1 year old | Tokyo School Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

At first, parents will also participate in the lesson, and will separate according to the child's adaption.

  1. First

    Second・Third semester

    10:00 10:00

    Free Play

    This is designed to develop independence while enjoying play.

    Free Play

  2. 10:40 10:40

    Physical Activity orGarden Play

  3. 11:00 11:00

    Projects or Music

    About Projects, we introduce topics to the children that match their stages of development. The children broaden their interests and experience by playing with everyday materials and hand-made teaching materials.

    Projects with Parents

  4. 11:30

    Snack Time
    (from the second semester)

    Children enjoy to have a snack time.

    Snack Time

  5. 11:20 11:45

    Story Time

    Enjoying stories or songs, the children develop their language skills, including their ability to listen, their imagination and their ability to communicate.

    Story Time

  6. 11:30 12:00


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